Out of my comfort zone

I was always afraid of photography lights.  Soft boxes, umbrellas, stands, cords, synching, wireless and a multitude of other technical words put me off.  Plus although I’ve watched online classes about photography lighting I was sure I could never do it.  Well, I broke down and purchased a set of lights from a fellow photographer who was upgrading her equipment.  I got a great price for them (although I wish the soft boxes were a bit smaller) and my photographer friend was gracious enough to show me how to use them.  I got them for my pet photography business but I also used them recently to photograph a fellow artist’s woven work (scarves, jackets, etc)….on a person no less!!!   Yep…photography lights and photographing people…two things that strike fear in me!

The shots of the gorgeous Borzoi I took when my photographer friend showed me how to use the lights – that’s one of her dogs “Timber”.  The Wheaten Terrier photos are test shots taken in my garage using my two dogs (Molly Belle, the lighter colored one and Dugan the darker one who we affectionately call “Eyor”.)  I also took some shots of some friend’s dogs…in my garage.  And of course the very photogenic Alex wearing Genie The Weaver’s creations.  Can’t say that I’m truly comfortable with the lights yet…but so far so good and I’m not running screaming from the room!  Enjoy!




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