Art in her veins

Talk about talented!  This woman is a painter, a weaver, a jeweler, a photographer and a mosaic artist.  Talent runs in her family as both her mother and grandmother were artists and their painting has influenced her work from the time she was ten and her grandmother gave her a canvas and oil paints.  Pamela Edwards has art in her veins.

Her love of travel took her to Europe and beyond, giving her the opportunity to photograph people and places in different cultures. She also wove many large wall hangings in the 1970’s, one of which hangs in the Mobile Museum of Art in Alabama.  It’s evident that her layer upon layer woven pieces influenced her mosaic work.  Pamela’s love for mosaics began after discovering a book about a painter/mosaic artist who also pursued other artistic outlets before exploring mosaics.

At first Pamela covered any object she could find with glass – benches, the heads of statutes, and pots.  As she grew in her craft her work became more intricate and complex.  She incorporates a variety of objects in her work, including small pebbles her mother collected from Pt. Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, CA.  She has many glass jars which hold these precious stones…and a spectacular tray covered in floral designs her mother made for her.  Many times, Pamela couples her painting background with her mosaics.  The paint on the material she uses to construct her mosaics when covered with glass gives the work an added dimension.

Her studio, built lovingly by her husband, sits above a creek in rural Oregon.  When not in her studio creating new mosaics, she likes to tend her much-loved flower gardens. Her garden is always a work in progress helping renew the creative energy that constantly flows into her artwork.  When a creative block sets in, a short stroll down by the creek, perhaps picking some blackberries, and she’s ready to go back to work again.

One of Pamela’s first pieces includes a photograph she took of three gorgeous pears.  She says she will never sell that one.  I don’t blame her…it’s beautiful.  Photographing her studio and learning about the intricacies of her craft (not to mention the messiness and capriciousness of grout) was a pleasure!!!   Enjoy!



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