Serene is the word that best describes our friend’s home in England. The minute we walked in the front door a feeling of calm enveloped us!  From the bright interior to the multi-windowed conservatory to the deck to the gardens…serene!  This is the second time we’ve had the privilege of staying in Jan and Girts home – such a treat! The weather was wonderful – a bit cooler than Venice and a welcome change from the heat.  We spent time on the deck eating tasty home cooked meals and drinking wonderful wine.  I explored Jan’s garden and we toured her “Craftery” and Girts’ studio. We spent mornings drinking our tea and counting the number of different kinds of birds visiting Jan’s garden.  I fell in love with Great Britain’s robins…they are not like ours…they are round and fat and so very cute!  While we were there we must have seen at least 10 different kinds of birds.  And the views of Dartmoor from the balcony..and the views of the garden.  Sublime.

Last year Jan and Girts took us to Dartmoor to see the wild ponies.  We also went to the town of Boscastle on the Cornwall coast. This year we went further down the coast of Cornwall to St. Ives.  What a picturesque place!  Lots of people enjoying “the beach”, boating, shopping, listening to music and eating. We stopped for lunch and Girts, Jan and I had crab sandwiches while Bill opted for Cornwall Cream Tea.  In case you were wondering, that’s tea with huge scones, clotted cream and jam. Yum!

We strolled around the town of Credition…stopping in the wine shop to visit Bruce and so that I could take another photo of Poppy lounging regally on the leather couch. We stopped at the local butcher, the bakery, and the grocery store to pick up items for dinner. And we visited a small bookstore.  The town is just what you would imagine a small English town to look like.

Our last evening we enjoyed a FABULOUS dinner at The Lamb.  Oh my word….I had duck and Bill had a steak that was melt-in-your-mouth good. And the chocolate and orange mousse was wonderful. Four days in Crediton and with Girts and Jan is not enough, but we were so pleased to have been there at all!  Until next time.   Enjoy!




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