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We recently visited our friends in England.  Jan and I began as “pen pals” (see this post ) and then Bill and I met Jan and her husband Girts face to face for the first time in 2014. And from that second  – it felt right.  This year was our third visit with them and the second time we had the privilege of staying in their home.  It’s a beautiful home, bright and airy and it sits in a fabulous garden.  One of those English gardens we all dream about (you’ll see more posts about her garden and our visit to St. Ives, Cornwall). The house also came with a studio as it was previously owned by an artist.  Oh, did I mention Jan and Girts are artists?

Girts was a professional photographer specializing in architectural photography.  Jan, also a photographer, now pursues her art through intricate paper weaving from small cards to 36″ wall art .  Girts spends his time in the garden studio hand building pots – vases, bowls, candle holders and more with the added treat of melted glass. Really beautiful melted glass – usually with his signature blue.  Jan’s studio – she calls it The Craftery – has an incredible view of not only her garden – but the hills of Dartmoor.  I don’t know how she manages to get any work done with that view!

Besides spending time with them, one of the best parts of our trip was their birthday gifts to me (celebrated a BIG one this year).  Jan gave me a woven piece which included parts of letters I’ve written her over the years, pieces of British postage stamps, a portion of a photograph I sent her and her signature red.  How special is that!  And Girts gave me one of his hand-built bowls…not just a bowl, but one of the first bowls he made after we walked on Dartmoor and I suggested he consider including the look of the granite rocks in his pieces.  Again. . . I was, and am, so touched by these wonderful people and their thoughtful, creative gifts!  We are so glad to call them our friends.  Enjoy!

Be sure to check out Jan and Girts works at




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