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Warm spring weather has arrived in our part of Oregon – at least for the next five days or so.  This time of year is iffy with rain and sun, rain and sun. I actually prefer to shoot on overcast days, but it was bright and sunny when I took a walk around Schreiner’s Iris Gardens.  Next week if the weather holds the irises should be in full bloom just in time for their Mother’s Day festivities. But I always find something wonderful to photograph when the irises are still buds. My favorites are Allium and those huge purple Clematis flowers. The purple Allium were blooming but the white ones still looked like alien creatures with their long green stems and bulbous flower heads.  After spending an hour wandering around and enjoying the morning, I hopped in my car and drove around the countryside….birds were singing, horses were frolicking and the Allium was blooming!  Yep, it’s spring.  Enjoy!


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  1. What a gift, Rebecca….looking at your gallery of artful photos is like a mediation for me! Thanks and hope you both are happy and well ….and also sending greetings to the pups! Fond regards, jules

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