Still Waiting

The magnolia and cherry trees may have popped some buds, but with the recent gray skies, breezes and constant rain, spring in Oregon doesn’t want to arrive.  This kind of weather makes it tough for photographers like me who don’t have a studio to find something to shoot to feed our creative souls.

So, on a drive back from Lunaria Gallery in Silverton (where I was working one day as a member of this wonderful artists co-op), I did a rather silly thing – although I did get some really cools shots.  Driving on the two-lane semi-country road, I held my very heavy Canon 5dMK4 camera fitted with a heavy “L” lens in one hand and randomly shot out the car windows.  I know…won’t do it again, but I have to say I finally got that white barn shot, and the red barn shot and the cool cloud shot and the field watering wheels shot.  The problem is there is not a single place to stop on these roads without ending up in a ditch.  OK…lame excuse but now  I can tell my friend  that I’ve lived up to my nickname (he  calls me the “drive by shooter” because I sometimes  don’t get out of the car to take pictures – but I usually stop the car!).

And then I spent some time outside during a sun break laying in the wet grass with my macro lens photographing rain drops on grass. Pretty safe way to get some cool shots…except for the time I did that on our front lawn in Florida and ants bit me on my forearms!  But I digress.

 While waiting for spring I took a quick stroll – again durng a sun break –  through one of my favorite places – Deepwood Historic Estate.  The gardens there are beautiful in any season. I even photographed the cutest yellow bird in a pink bush.

I guess the safest photos I’ve taken lately were of the three daffodils I talked my neighbor into letting me pick! Here’s hoping I don’t have to wait to much longer or I’ll be on a plane to San Diego!   Enjoy!





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