The Gifts of Color

I’ve always loved color.  Try as I might, it’s hard for me to see potential photographic images in black and white.  I remember in the 1980’s when that book came out that analyzed women and helped us determine whether we were a spring, summer, fall or winter.  I remember being so excited when I found out I was a winter!   That meant I should  wear all those beautiful jewel tones…true reds, purple, forest green…..!  And I did.

It’s hard for me this time of year in Oregon when the trees are sticks and the skies are gray and it rains for days.  Don’t get me wrong…there’s nothing better than spring, summer and fall in Oregon….it’s just that spring usually doesn’t come until the end of April.  So when I need a boost I visit my two favorite garden shops….Baumanns Nursery and Al’s Nursery in Woodburn.  The other day, I managed to visit both of them in the same day….and I found many gifts of color!  Come on April 30!  Enjoy!








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