Feeling lost

img_2967As a child I had the fun of using a Brownie type film camera with those square flash bulbs that popped and always had a bit of a burnt  smell to them.  As I got older I watched my Dad take hundreds of images on slide film (he was in the Army and we spent time in Europe, Asia and many different U.S. states).  When I got my first film camera I also took slides but it was a chore to drag out the slide projector and load them into those long metal boxes, so I switched to film.  Life (college, marriage, jobs) got in the way and although I had a Minolta film camera it languished in a closet most of the time except when I used it for my college photojournalism class or to take vacation snaps.

Then in 2004, my husband gifted me with my first digital camera.  I was in heaven!  The camera was an 8MP Konica Minolta Diamage2 with a fixed zoom lens and a macro “switch” img_2969as well as a pop-up flash. The viewfinder titled up as did the screen…pretty snazzy for 2004. The whole thing weighs less than one of my short Canon L lenses!  I snapped my heart out and learned how to use Photoshop Elements.  Through the years I graduated first to a Canon 30D, then a 40D, then to a 7D and finally to my current Canon 5D Mark iii (although I am lusting after the Canon 5d Mark IV but the price is way too steep especially for an amateur photographer).  I also have too many wonderful Canon L lenses. And I use the Creative Cloud versions of Photoshop now.  My how far we’ve come!

img_2968I took my 5D to Camera Solutions in Portland for a much-needed cleaning and wouldn’t you know it….the sun has come out, there are several varieties of birds in my backyard and I have some Gerber Daisies I’d like to photograph.  But I don’t have a camera…..oh wait….I do.  Yes, I kept the Diamage.  Here are a couple snaps I took the other day as well as photos of the camera itself.  One of these days will be a classic, just like the Brownie camera.  Enjoy!!


oldcamera-20 oldcamera-19 oldcamera-13 oldcamera-8 oldcamera-5





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  1. 🙂 My cameras are multiple, but tend to be on the “lower” end of quality and value, I suppose. Three DSLRs later (two Canons and 1 old Pentax), not even counting four other simple ones, I now have an Olympus OM-D, a mirrorless camera. I like so many of the features, but find myself going back to the older Canon. I’m sure I’ll keep wanting more!

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