wheaties-11Sitting here on December 30, 2016 with a head cold and sore throat bemoaning the cancellation of our New Year’s Eve dinner with friends – so I thought I would make myself a cup of tea and post a few Christmas images.  When the house was decorated I couldn’t resist doing some of that zoom burst thing to create some abstract images with shiny ornaments and candles.  It’s so fun to be surprised by the result.  I also like this time of year because of all thexmas-still-life-1 lights and how easy it is to create bokeh.  I have a little kit with plastic cut outs that I rubber band to my camera lens.  I have star and heart shapes as well as paw print shapes.  We strolled around The Willamette Heritage Center in Salem and I took what I think are some pretty cool bokeh images. We had about three inches of snow a week before Christmas so I grabbed on ornament off of our tree and plopped it in the snow with some greenery. I think that image would make a nice rather traditional card for next year.

I made cookies this year for the first time in a long time and had to take a few still lifes to record this “event”.  I also made all my Christmas package tags…I’m so not crafty….I definitely belong behind a camera!  Well, back to my tea with honey – and feeling sorry for myself!  Hoping to shoot a lot of new things in 2017.  Happy New Year everyone!   Enjoy!



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