A Different Look

landscape-hills-goldenWent for a country drive with a photographer friend of mine the other day.  I took him to Baskett Slough Nature Preserve on a day when the weather changed from minute to minute…blue skies, gray skies, cloudy skies, no clouds, wind, rain, drizzle, sunshine and fog.  He had not been there before (I take a drive there at least once a month) so it was fun to watch him take his shots.  We see things so differently which makes red-edge-churchshooting together interesting.  Although I was not particularly enthused that day, I have to say I always find something to shoot in Baskett Slough. whether its herons, flower, trees or geese.  I had a bit of processing fun with some of the images because of the gray day so I hope you like the finished products. One particular image show both the horizon and the clouds that were reflecting in my side view mirror as I took the shot out of my car window. You can click on any image in the collage below to view it larger.

We drove the long way home through Amity and stopped for a pulled pork sandwich and a cup of chili – perfect for the day.  We happened upon a cool old Baptist church built in 1853 that across from several silos with wires which turned into abstracts for me. And we came to a screeching halt and made a quick U-turn when we spotted two goats under a tree.  They were just adorable and my Scottish friend tells me they are Mohair goats.  Who knew?  We had a lovely time together and I can’t wait for our next shooting drive.  Enjoy!


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