REAL Artists

SG20I’m a member of a co-op gallery in Silverton, Oregon and I have been invited to photograph several of the member artist studios.  I really enjoy learning more about their art and taking a behind-the-scene peek at their works in progress.  As part of an artist’s commitment to the gallery, we each work there once a month and we have other areas for which we are responsible.  My job is to create the monthly poster and postcard announcing the new shows.  Generally artists supply me with images of their artwork and I design from there.  Well, I was so pleased this month when two artists – Genie a weaver (you may remember my tour of her wonderful studio) and Sonia a painter – asked me to take pictures of their work for use on the show poster and for use on the Lunaria Gallery website.  I had such a wonderful time taking the photos – how could anyone resist the vineyard background not to mention the cool pink door we used as a backdrop against a tree. Oh, and I also got to pet and photograph Bella again.  A perfect morning with two talented artists.  Enjoy these beautiful works of art and if you are local…go see the October show!


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