Too Silly for Words

alpaca 4So I took another random country drive the other day.  I had to make an unexpected U-turn on a two lane road to get back to an alpaca farm near Amity, Oregon – I still need that bumper sticker that says “Photographer On Board – Stops Quickly, Turns Randomly”.  The farm is called Wings & A Prayer Alpacas and boy, do they have alpacas!  The owners also breed, and use Great White Pyrenese to guard the alpacas.  Apparently, Pyrenese make great guard dogs and will take on a bear if they have to.  Everyone of them I met were so sweet…and in addition to alpacas (46 of 63)several young puppies roaming the fields, there was a litter of nine two-day old puppies!!  Puppies and alpacas…can’t think of a better day.

Most of the alpacas were recently sheared so their heads were still fluffy and some of them even had bangs!  Oh and those silly looks and buck teeth!   They were quite curious about my camera lens but very shy.  They had me smiling ear to ear.  Hope these images make you smile too!   Enjoy!






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