STILL LIFE - Tea cup still life close up with lavender and scissorsI’m lucky to have many different types of lenses….a super long 150-500 mm lens for bird photography, a 100mm macro lens for close-up work, a 50mm portrait lens, a 135mm lens, a 70-200 medium zoom lens and a great 24-70mm all around lens for pet photography.  I know…too many!! With so many lenses you would think I would be switching them up all the time, but that doesn’t happen. The super long lens and the macro lenses are specialty lenses, so I tend to keep the all around lens on my camera and forget about the other ones.  Until the other day.  I re-discovered my 50mm f/1.2L lens and what a great re-discovery it was!!   I was bored and decided to do a few still life images because my styling skills need a lot of work (ummmmm and yes I got carried away!).  I have no clue why I pulled out the 50mm, but I’m so glad I did.  Hope you like these images…I think the 50mm will live on my camera body for a while!  Enjoy!



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