So not crafty


Lavender 1aA friend of mine invited me to her home to make a lavender wreath.  The lavender is in bloom here in Oregon a bit earlier than usual and because she grows and sells lavender she had to harvest sooner than she planned.  Well, I’m so not crafty…I even needed help at the craft store finding a wreath form and green florist wire.  This is why I’m behind a camera and not making things by hand.  My friend lives high up in the beautiful hills outside of Salem.  Her craftsman style home in the trees with a beautiful outdoor patio was the perfect place to make our creations.  I have to admit that I was a bit distracted by the woodpeckers, squirrels, hummingbirds and her two adorable and well-behaved dogs.  And…let me tell you…making those wreaths is hard work!  First you have to make lavender bunches, then cut the stems to length, position them on the form and wrap wire to attach the bunch.  This process continues until the entire wreath form is covered with lavender bunches.  However, the color and fragrance, the iced tea, the yummy cherries and the good conversation made for a lovely afternoon.  My wreath is proudly hanging on our front door.  Enjoy!!






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  1. What a beautiful job on this blog, Rebecca. It captures the essence of our afternoon so perfectly. I can smell the lavender just looking at your pictures.

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