Texture Color Composition

Tan 13“Texture, color and composition” is Elaine Tan’s mantra as she works in her studio among literally thousands of beads and findings creating sought-after necklaces and bracelets.  Her finished pieces maintain a calming symmetry and balance much like sculpture.  For 13 years, Elaine has designed sophisticated, stylish pieces that are clearly recognizable.

She let me roam her studio for almost two hours as she opened drawer after Tan 23drawer revealing some of the most gorgeous beads I have ever seen.  Beads from Hong Kong, beads from Albuquerque, beads from India,  hand-made 150 year old beads (yes you read that correctly!!), flat vinyl beads, light weight coral beads, pearls, Jade, Jasper, Amber and much much more!  I oohed and ahhed so many times I lost count.  Elaine’s work (Red Shoe Studio) is available at Lunaria Gallery in Silverton and at Art on Broadway in Beaverton.  If you are a local Oregonian, be sure to stop by one of these galleries and try on, touch and admire her pieces. I’ll bet you can’ resist buying one!  Enjoy!


Tan 4Tan 6Tan 5Tan 7

Tan 3

Tan 13

Tan 18Tan 22Tan 8

Tan 2Tan 28timthumb















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