Carried Away

Hummer 2This is the first year I have seen hummingbirds in our yard for more than just a fleeting moment. I even tried a hummingbird feeder but that didn’t attract them.  Then, last summer I planted Valerian  and little did I know (1) that the plants would triple in size this year and (2) that hummingbirds love Valerian plants!  These little guys are soooooo fast and so tiny.  See the one of him/her in the tree…just sitting there taunting me!   I’m getting better at capturing their hi-speed feeding frenzy.  Oh and there is a robin building a nest in one of our hanging plants…more about that later.  Enjoy!!

yard 6Hummer 9Hummer 8Hummer 7Hummer 6Hummer 5Hummer 3Hummer 1Hummer 4BIRDs - hummingbird in garden 1


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