Eye Candy

I have to admit it’s really cool to see your own images printed and exhibited and have people come up and talk to you at an opening reception.  There, I said it!  I’m a member of an artists co-op in Silverton, Oregon called “Lunaria Gallery” and in April I’m showing my work along with a really cool glass artist named Robert Fox.  You may remember I posted about visiting his studio.  He made super fun mobiles which worked really well with the oil and water images I am displaying.   Hopefully some of the images will sell or I’ll have to store them in the tub in our extra bathroom.  Yep…that’s about the only place they will fit!!  Anyway…here are some images of the exhibition.  Enjoy!

Lunaria collage 3Lunaria collage 2

Lunaria collage 1



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  1. Your work is fantastic! The colors are so stunning. You are Robert make a great visual team. Your photos have encouraged him to move in a different direction. He is loving making the mobiles. (I’m a little prejudiced, since I’m his wife.) I hear the opening was a success! Bravo you two.

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