JPEG - Eggs and Tulip 1Nope, not my age….I’d have to rewind the clock a lot!  52 is part of the title of a year-long online still life class I took from Kim Klassen who is a master at still life images.  Each week in her BeStill52 class she gave us an assignment.  The assignments ranged from things on a spoon, to messy, to square on two sides to backlit to everyday still life to texture to things in a crate…you get the idea.  Admittedly, I did not do every assignment…who has a crate lying around their house?  And I didn’t want to buy props only to have to resell them on eBay.  Luckily, I managed to find things that worked.

The class was a real challenge for me because I’m so not good at still life.  But I am 22580790022_24775b343a_o (1)grateful I took it. I learned a lot about staging/styling images and processing them with Lightroom effects.  I might have to take another one of her classes just for inspiration!  See if you can figure out what each assignment was about.  Enjoy!

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