The First Letter

Letters-21In May of 2010, I received my first letter.  Not THE first letter I’ve ever received, but the first of what are now many, many letters from my wonderful friend in England.  I “met” Jan on a photography site.  She and Girts are both accomplished photographers and together they own a company called RedEdge Images licensing photographs for book covers.  She asked to license some of my images and over time we talked via email.  Once I mentioned that no one every writes anymore. So about three weeks later, I found a letter in my mailbox.

Jan and I have been writing to each other now for over five years.  And if you’ve been Letters-15following my blog, you know my husband and I were lucky enough to spend some time with Jan and Girts in England in 2014.

In 2015 I took a weekly online class with Kim Klassen called BeStill52.  Each week she gave us a still life assignment (things on a spoon, depth of field,  room to breathe, odd container, etc.).  Well, our last assignment was “Messy”.  We had to photograph something in a messy state…it could be food items or anything we could think of.  I decided to get out one (yes there are more) of the boxes where I keep Jan’s letters.  And along with the wonderful paper art she creates and includes with her letters, I found the first letter she wrote. So, her first letter along with a mess of hearts and paper crafts,  is my last BeStill52 class assignment.  Thanks Jan and thanks Kim!   Enjoy!








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  1. Hello Rebecca, I was reading the comment that you left on Kim’s BeStill52 week 52 Farewell and decided I would take a look at your blog and I just wanted to say how impressed Ii am with your beautiful photography.
    I look forward to sharing more of your work if you are going on to the next Be Still course, of course I can always pop over to your blog 🙂

    Have a lovely Friday or what remains of the day!


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