A Quickie

BC 5We took a quick trip recently to spend four days in Victoria BC.  Actually it’s not a particularly quick trip ‘…we take a five-hour train ride to Seattle, then stay over night there so we can catch the 8:00 a.m. clipper to Victoria. We always stay in a B&B when we are there.  This time we stayed at Fisher House. Great location for walking into town. The weather is much like it is in Oregon, but we still love to walk around the beautiful city and waterfront.  I took mostly I-phone images since it was raining. I did wish I had taken a tripod and remote as the holiday lights on the Parliament building are beautiful.  Instead I ended up with a somewhat blurry iPhone image. Oh well.
BC 32We strolled in the rain, stopped in Munros bookstore, had tea and pastries at Murchies and bought a few gifts.  One evening we attended a concert given by the Royal Canadian Navy as a means of collecting new toys for distribution by the Salvation Army.  Over the three nights of the concert they anticipated collecting 3,000 toys!  The renovated theater was beautiful and the band with accompanying tenor was incredible.  And talking about incredible…the Royal British Columbia Museum is fabulous.  Their dioramas are so real…I was going to try to pass off the photo I took of the brown bear as if I had encountered it in the woods…they are that good.

The highlight of our trip was meeting two fellow photographers…in person for the first BC 16time.  We “met” many years ago on a photography site called Redbubble.  Von and Shelly also met on the site and have now been together for five years. How cool is that!  Both of them are super photographers. Von is a professional photographer concentrating mostly on fashion images.  You can see his work here.  They picked us up at the ferry, took us to lunch and gave us a bit of a tour.  We got together again for dinner the night before we left.  And…the best part….we got to meet their five month old French Bulldog “Rollei” (yes, he is named after – what else – a camera!).  What a cutie he is.  Hope you like these random images (some are iPhone, some are from my “real” camera).  Enjoy!   And Merry Christmas!

BC 22

Parliament with their “gold” man. Oregon’s capital has a gold leaf covered pioneer on top of its capital dome.

BC 23


BC 24


BC 25

View of harbor and Parliament.

BC 26

Chalk painting

BC 27


BC 28

Victoria harbor and part of downtown.

BC 31


BC 30


BC 29


BC 21

Cheese cake dipped in chocolate, nuts or sprinkles. Yes, we passed on these.

BC 19

BC Museum diorama

BC 16

BC Museum diorama

BC 8

DRENCHED walking about 13 blocks in pouring rain to the clipper.

BC 9

Victoria harbor in fog

BC 11

Royal Canadian Navy concert

BC 10

Empress Hotel

BC 12

Random shots out train window (PDX convention center towers)

BC 13

Random shots out train window

BC 15

Random shots out train window

BC 14

Random shots out train window

BC 6

Tea and pannacotta for me….Chai tea latte and scone for Bill at Murchies

BC 2


BC 3

We shared this chocolate brownie.

BC 20 BC 7 BC 5 BC 1


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