It’s complicated.

loom onlyWell, at least it looks complicated to me!  Genie is a weaver and she has this huge loom with pedals that remind me of those on a pipe organ.  The bright soft yarn is “woven” through the parts of the loom in a way that only Genie understands.  She uses gorgeous colors that blend well together. And her designs are stunning!  Genie has been weaving beautiful pieces – from scarves to jackets to vests to tents…yes tents – for 30 years.  She also has a dog named Bella.  When Bella is not exploring, she joins Genie while she works. Her studio is nestled in farm land in the Willamette Valley and she’s surrounded by nature that is beyond inspiring. Genie explained to me how the loom works and how the threads have to be set up in a certain way for different patterns, but I must admit I wasn’t paying too much attention because I was mesmerized by all the yarn lining one wall of her studio. Genie told me her loom is just a tool for creating her pieces – a way for her to translate the beauty she sees and dreams about into wearable, useable touchable art.  Enjoy your studio tour!LOGO COLLAGE GENIE 9 LOGO COLLAGE GENIE 8 LOGO COLLAGE GENIE 7 LOGO COLLAGE GENIE 6 LOGO COLLAGE GENIE 5 LOGO COLLAGE GENIE 4 LOGO COLLAGE GENIE 3 LOGO COLLAGE GENIE 2 LOGO COLLAGE GENIE 1




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  1. Oh, wow that looks amazing! Wonderful photos of a magical studio. All those cones of wool, all that colour and texture, I would have loved to come with you. Genie is a great artist and craftswoman.

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