Just wait for them

DRAGON FLY 1Twelve years ago while living in Florida, I got my first Canon digital camera.  Consumer digital cameras were relatively new then, so I took a class about how to use it.  The class was held at what was then called the Delray Beach Photographic Centre in Delray Beach, FL.  The Centre was near a marshy preserve with egrets and dragonflies.  The dragonflies in Florida are so large they could carry off a mouse!  We were all excited about our cameras and really hooked on the dragonflies so we spent a lot of time chasing those beauties.  The instructor watched us for a while…we probably looked really silly running up and down the wooden walkways.  Finally he told us to “just wait for them”.  Dragonflies follow a pattern.  They will start in one place and fly out and return multiple times.  That bit of advice sure made it easier for use to capture those shots and not melt in the Florida humidity!  I thought about his advice COLLAGE - Bird in birdhousewhile walking around The Oregon Garden the other day.  I went there specifically to take pictures of the water lilies, but I ended up just waiting for and watching the dragonflies. Oh..I did take a couple of water lily images and saw a really cute tree swallow poking its head out of one of the many birdhouses on the acreage.  Enjoy!

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