All over the place!

FINAL - Bud 4 no tether pole no leashesI’m an eclectic photographer – if you haven’t noticed.  I’m pretty willing to try new things (well, not wedding , or kids, or newborn photography….) so I was excited when a friend of mine (who is running for governor)asked me to take shots of him and his two labs for a book cover.  I said sure…I’ll give it a whirl. Not a bad result and he was happy (yes, it could have been better, I know). And the owners of a local shop (The Arbor) asked me to take pictures of COLLAGE - Decoratingtheir store for their new website.  I just love that store and had a great time there.  I also decided at the beginning of the year to take an online Kim FLOWERS - yellow flowers with seedlings in potKlassen still-life class. She is a master at this. But, it’s something that’s way out of my comfort zone since I’m not a stylist nor a collector.  Seems one needs props for still-lifes so I’ve been struggling to find things that work depending upon the week’s assignment.  I’ve included a few images here.  We are on week 21 already! DOG 11Oh and I do pet photography too…NosesTailsPaws Pet Photography.  I put together a little slide show so you can see my eclectic style and maybe find an image that makes you smile (I think you will like that silly goat looking through the fence).   Enjoy!



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