FLOWERS - pink with yellow centerI don’t need a calendar to tell me it’s February in Oregon. The gray, cloudy skies and the pouring rain speak for themselves.  Of course it rains in Oregon in the winter and spring, that’s what it’s supposed to do (better than snow…well one snowstorm would be nice).  But every year at this time I go in search of color.  There’s not much of it around as all the trees and bushes are in their “stick” phase, but I know I can always count on Bauman’s Nursery to cheer me up.  I stopped by the other day just as they finished putting out early spring plants.  I got all excited about the herb section but when I checked with someone at the store, she advised me to wait until April to plant.  April!!!!??  And to top it off – the groundhog saw its shadow. To appease myself, I wandered around both the indoor nursery and the acreage outside.  April??!!!  Seriously?  Sigh.  Enjoy!

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