A Look Back

A couple of years ago I started photographing flowers on a light box.  Some of you may be old enough to remember looking at slide film or negatives using a light box (or maybe using it to trace an image).  Using the light box I am able to get a fairly white background because of the opaque plastic top.  Sometimes I would add a texture in post-production or leave the background stark white.  Well, I was bored today  and the weather wasn’t the best for an outside shoot…so I revisited some of those flower images and used my newly discovered favorite Photoshop tool (new to me anyway) – the oil paint effect.  I really like how the images turned out. The oil paint effect even gives the white background some depth – now they have an ethereal feel to them.  And yes, I got carried away.   Enjoy!

OIL PAINT - white lilies



OIL PAINT - Runuculus

OIL PAINT - purple tulip

OIL PAINT - Cornered

OIL PAINT - Sweet Bouquet

OIL PAINT - I Am Beautiful

OIL PAINT - pink blossoms 3

OIL PAINT - purple tulips in a row


OIL PAINT - dahlias several OIL PAINT - Dahlia on White OIL PAINT - DAFFODILS

OIL PAINT - White LiliesTied

OIL PAINT - tulips wide shot

OIL PAINT -  Iris with Buds

OIL PAINT -sunflower




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