Out with the old

Every September, I do a huge clean up of the images I’ve taken through the year.  When I do that, I always find images I missed…ones I thought maybe I would come back to at some point and edit (and forgot to) or images I didn’t like at the time, but do now.  I decided to play with the “found” images before archiving them.  I recently discovered the “oil filter” function in Photoshop and I like the way it works on some images.  It’s pretty subtle unless you view the image fairly large. So instead of putting these picture in a slide show, I decided to post them individually (PLEASE DO NOT STEAL THEM!!  I’m going to bank on the honor system today). Here’s the result.  Enjoy!

Bee last drop Bee Lift Off Bee on pink flower oil paint Bird bright color single on limb oil paint cherries oil paint Fall on the river oil paint Favorite trees oil paint FB - Japanese Garden Bridge oil paint ford in motion oil paint Market pumpkins oil paint Pears with texture oil paint Pink cone oil paint Preening Flamingo oil paint Purple thistle oil paint SQUARE Radishes oil painted Walk along oil paint Wisteria oil paint effect Yellow flowers oil painted Zebra Group 1 oil paint


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