A Fair Representation

We go to the Oregon State Fair every year.  The first thing we do is have a scone and a FAIR - pickles mini-carton of 2% milk.  The scone is really just a luscious bit of pastry filled with raspberry jam.  Then we check out the vendors both outdoors and indoors.  Then we look at the photography and calligraphy exhibits.  I usually enter the photography contest but skipped it the last two years.  We also visit all the county exhibits and look at the quilts (amazing quilts this year).  After that we head to the bunny and chicken barn followed by a visit with the cows, pigs and sheep.  The last stop is the petting zoo.  We love the petting zoo!  Goats, sheep, deer, little pigs, wallabies, and llamas.  Plus the cutest little kids feeding the animals.  And THEN…we finish the day with the best ever vanilla ice cream at the Women in Dairy red barn booth. We may just go back again before the fair ends on Labor Day….for the ice cream (OK and to take another swing through the petting zoo).  Enjoy the slide show!

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