Can’t seem to stay out of the bushes

Drop on bush bokeh I know I’ve published a post with bush water drops before, but since I was crawling around in the bushes in my front yard the other day with my camera and 100mm macro lens (after the sprinkler system went off), I thought I’d post a few more drop shots.  I find them fascinating and I especially like the bokeh in these(those little prism-like sparkles produced by light  reflecting on other water drops in the background).  I also took a few shots of water drops on very, very tiny clover leaves. They were just balancing perfectly in the center. I know the clover is a weed that I need to pull out but the way they hold water is so beautiful.  The next time you are in your garden after it rains or after you’ve watered your yard, stop for a moment and take a close look at the drops on your bushes and flowers.  They create another world of their own when photographed with a close-up lens.  Enjoy!

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  1. Rebecca this are just gorgeous … I love knocking around in the garden with the macro lens, too … you’re right, it’s such fun … and your results are wonderful!!!

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