At Last!!!

Jan and GirtsAfter writing letters to each other for four years, my pen pal and I finally met!  If you’ve read my blog from the very beginning, you know that I have a friend I had never met who lives in England.  Her name is Jan and she and her partner, Girts, own a company called RedEdge Images.  They license images for book covers.  And Girts has his own business doing architectural photography commissions. As part of an 18 day trip to France (8-day river cruise and 4 days in Paris) my husband and I detoured to Exeter, England.  Jan at BudleighWhat an incredible feeling it was to finally meet Jan.  We’ve shared a lot through emails and letters so it was great to finally give her (and Girts) a big hug.   It was also great that all four of us got a long in a very easy “feels like we’ve known you forever” kind of way. They were so hospitable, showing us around the area and even making a home-cooked meal for us.  photo 1We had tea together, walked around Exeter enjoying the sights, shops and the gorgeous Exeter Cathedral. Most fascinating was a trip to the pebble beach at Budleigh Salterton  – miles of gorgeous rocks washed ashore over the ages!  Because of our cruise and all the train trips in between (including the Eurostar through the Chunnel) we were only able to spend two days with them.  But what a wonderful two days it was!!  I’m a terrible flyer, but Bill and I would go back in a split second to spend more time with these two wonderful people!  We are so lucky to have them in our lives…even if they are 4,876 miles away. (OMG…did I really fly that far twice!!??)   Enjoy the slide show!

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  1. I enjoyed this so much, Rebecca … I too have “friends” all over the globe it seems … and a dream come true it would be to get to meet them … I’m so glad that YOU did!!!!!

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