Not your Grandmother’s quilt

QUILT #-32I’ve been in Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest store before…just to say hello to the owner and then quickly rush out the door to visit other shops in downtown Salem.  But this time, I had a meeting with the owner to talk about taking pictures of her shop, so I had a chance to really look at the store.  And what a wonderful, colorful, beautiful place it is…even for a non-quilter and basically a non-sewer like me!  There are so many bolts of material, buttons, thread and quilt making accoutrement that it’s almost sensory overload. The fabrics are scrumptious with colors and patterns that you would never think to use on quilts. But judging by the gorgeous quilts hanging on the walls and from the ceiling – many quilters are wooed by the unique fabrics. LOGO LOVEY 3I spent about an hour taking some test shots and talking with Sylvia about the shop…and of course being greeted by the official shop ambassador…a sweet standard poodle named “Lovey”.  When she’s not upstairs in the office supervising or playing with her soft toy duck under an antique fabric-laden table on the shop floor, she’s making sure the store’s customers are finding just what they need.  Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest is a third generation family business that has evolved over time. It started as a dry good’s store, Greenbaum’s Department Store, in 1900; became a fabric store; Greenbaum’s Fine Fabrics, in 1946; and finally a quilt shop in 1988. The shop is in a beautiful historic structure built in 1889, located in the heart of the Salem, Oregon’s downtown historic district.  Enjoy the cacophony of color!!
QUILT #-24
QUILT #-26
QUILT #-38

QUILT #-43
QUILT #-48
QUILT #-44
QUILT #-50
QUILT #-52
QUILT #-58


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