tatto headerChrome and Ink…that’s what it was called. The first tattoo and car show in Salem, Oregon. And it was AMAZING! We decided to see what it was all about…and I was astounded at how many people have tattoos, at how many people were getting more tattoos and at how many really incredible tattoo artists there are. I personally don’t understand why someone would want to be tattooed, but it certainly is a form of art and those who do it….all freehand….definitely qualify as artists.  I was surprised I didn’t hear moaning from the pain….most people were reading, playing with their iPhones, talking to the tattoo artist or even napping!  There was one guy covered literally head to toe in tattoos (even the inside of his eyelids and mouth…ick).  He’s part of Ripley’s Believe It or Not which makes perfect sense to me!

tatto hennaI decided to get some “ink” too in the form of a henna design on my hand. I had always wanted to try it, so since I have a birthday on June 1, I thought…what the heck. I won’t know how well it came out until all the henna paste is off in about 24 hours, but I’m sure excited to see it! The woman who did the henna work (and who did the cute lion painted face on the little boy…yes I asked his Dad for permission to take his picture) has been doing it for 20 years. She started out as a secretary, moved to Key West and worked with the high wire act guy  for several years (he performs every night in Mallory Square…we have seen him many times….he’s been doing it for 36 years!). She branched into jewelry design and then moved into henna work. She has hundreds of gorgeous designs she can do…all freehand! She can be found in her booth at the Portland Saturday market as “Glitter Ruby“.  I may have to go see her again!  I’m thinking  something cool and intricate with lots of glitter running down my calf and over my toes….. hmmmmmmmm.   Enjoy the images!

tatto all over man collage

tatto collage all

tatto girl laying down

tatto header

tatto kid

tatto male collagetatto man girl ink

tatto women collage




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  1. I almost got one on a Navy binge in San Diego. But 3 guys were in front of me waiting. I sobered up before my turn came! Cool photos though…

    Happy Birthday Rebecca!

  2. I had always wanted a tattoo, but I donate blood every 8 weeks. I have a not so comment blood type, and felt that was way more important than getting a tattoo. I’d have to not donate for a whole year. Then, right before i turned 50, I moved to a different part of the state and for other medical reasons, I couldn’t donate. For my 50th birthday, I got my tattoo! Simple, the word I M A G I N E in the same font as John Lennon’s poster art. I want another, but I’m back to donating blood…

    Loved your pictures – as always!

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