How close is too close?

MACRO - water daisy pink close petalsPretty darn close with the right lens! I haven’t used my 100mm macro lens for awhile.  I usually take my flower pictures with the 135mm f/2.0L because I love the soft bokeh (creamy background) I get with it.  But yesterday after I watered a few recently planted flowers, I noticed these water drops glistening in the sun.  Daisies hold water drops so well – I just had to get out the 100 mm.  I should use a tripod with the 100 mm because the focal point is so small, but (1) I hardly ever use my tripod like I “should” and (2) there is no space in the flower bed to set it up.  So I had to sqat in the flower bed and avoid stepping on the plants or blocking the sun all the while keeping the camera steady.  I got my workout for the day that’s for sure.     Enjoy!

MACRO - water daisy white drops

MACRO - water daisy 1


MACRO - water daisy petals only 2

MACRO - water daisy pink close petals

MACRO - water daisy pink nestled

MACRO - water daisy white drops 2




4 replies

  1. Simply stunning, as usual, Rebecca! Have you ever thought of teaching photography? I think you’d be a great addition at, say, Bryan Peterson’s Perfect Picture School of Photography.

  2. You are too kind Colleen. I might be able to teach composition but otherwise I am so not techie! You can reach me how to take images like you do….I would love to have your bent for creativity

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