90 Ninety 9-0

photo 1jMy Mom celebrated her 90th birthday on April 1 (yes, April 1).  We drove from Salem, Oregon to Reno, Nevada (where they have lived since the late 1970’s) to surprise her.  We did.  She will hate that I used this picture I took of her in the restaurant (quick iPhone snap), but I think she looks darn good!  While there we went to a really huge, really funky shop called “Junkee”.  Last summer when we visited we had our first experience in that store.  It’s amazing! I purchased a vintage Brownie camera then and I found another vintage camera this time too.  camera1Strange for me as I’m not a collector and don’t have a burning desire to learn about old cameras (I’m lucky I can use my Canon 5D Mark III with precision).  I took a lot of iPhone pictures in the store, one of a view from our hotel room at the Peppermill, (as well as the funky pink lights in the valet parking entrance), some street shots, and one of the geodesic dome concert hall. I’ve put them together in a slide show (interspersed with a few landscapes taken with my “real” camera).  Keep in mind while you watch that: (1) the images don’t even showcase one-one-hundreth of the stuff in the store; (2) I hate trolls so I have no idea why I took that picture; (3) the 1938 Bugatti was sitting outside on an (enclosed) ledge on the fourth story of a parking garage to promote the Reno Automobile Museum; (4) my husband asked me to take pictures of him in silly hats and (5) it doesn’t bother him at all that I’ve included them in the blog!  Enjoy!

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  1. Big fun!!!! I love knocking around in places like that!! And your Mom is gorgeous!!! Send her my happiest Birthday wishes!! Your Hubby is a doll … I especially admire him in the gold hat with the red plume. Very classy. ; ))

  2. Loved the slideshow! I could lose a whole day in that shop! No wait, I could probably lose a whole week in that shop! 😉 Your husband is so funny — loved the photos of him in those hats!

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