Maddie on the wall 6Meet Maddie.  Can you believe she is 14 years old??   She’s petite and feminine, quite shy – and definitely a princess.  And her owner treats her like one too!!  Maddie is named after the character in the Madeline book series – because of her elegance and white paws (Madeline wore a blue uniform and white socks to school in Paris). I had the chance to spend an hour with Maddie capturing her sweet expressions.  She is extremely photogenic – I was in love with almost every shot I took of her. You might notice there is a different watermark on these images.  That’s because I am contemplating (contemplating being the operative word!) starting a side business as a pet photographer.  So far, I’ve come up with a name – Noses Tails Paws Pet Photography and set up a new blog to talk about my venture.  I’m working on building my portfolio and will give myself at least six months to see if this is something I can actually do well.  Wish me luck and in the meantime…enjoy the slide show!

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  1. Beautiful photos Beckie. You demonstrate the ability to catch a pet’s personality. You will definitely be a success in this venture. All the best to you.


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