Just a little color

FB - Pansies in PotThis is the time of year when I search madly for color.  Gray Oregon skies and stick trees become a bit oppressive after a while.  The sun came out the other day so I decided to drive around the countryside.  After about 45 minutes I realized the only place I would findFB - Black Bunny any color would be at Baughman’s Nursery.  And I was right.  They had just started putting out all their spring stock.  They also have a great store with lots of wonderful garden items, and a barn with goats, sheep, roosters, llamas and bunnies.  So not only did I find my color, I ended up with a smile on my face after watching the animals – especially a silly black rabbit who insisted on rolling in the dirt then sitting in the sun.  Color and a laugh…what a great day!  (Enjoy the slide show).

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