FB -Snow Chicadee 2We don’t get snow very often in the Willamette Valley, but this year we’ve been surprised with (as of this writing) about 6 inches.  It’s beautiful but treacherous especially in the hilly areas, so I spent the day shivering on the patio watching the birds in our backyard and in our neighbor’s yard.  I have four bird feeders that attract Juncos, Finches and Chickadees.  A neighbor two houses to the north has a tree with several late autumn apples that attract noisy Starlings.  While watching I counted 57 (yes 57) very large, very fat Robins in the neighbor’s backyard tree.  It was such a strange phenomena.  They would hunker downFB - Hunkered Down against the windy and snow, then take off to try to grab some apples from the none-too-pleased Starlings. Later in the day, a Hawk appeared chasing away the feisty Starlings and startling the tree full of Robins.  Whoosh…they were gone in a second as the Hawk settled in. Needless to say, I’m a very cold, but very happy photographer today!!   Enjoy the slide show.

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  1. Love the slideshow, Rebecca — beautiful images! How unusual to see so many robins in a tree. I usually have 4 or 5 at the most. I love your bird feeder, too! Did you make it? I’ve never seen such a pretty one.

    • Thank you Colleen. It was rather freaky to see that many fat robins…almost like a scene from “The Birds”. The bird feeders are made by a woman in Portland, OR from mis-matched cups, saucers and plates. I have four of them.

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