A boy and his dog

FB BRADY4A copyA young man I worked with recently had his heart set on getting a Golden Retriever puppy.  He is single and has a full-time job.  Luckily, after much discussion with his office mates, we convinced him he was not equipped to take care of a puppy quite yet.  But he couldn’t let go of his obsession, so he did a wonderful thing.  He took home a six-year-old Golden who just recently had her last litter.  They’ve bonded beautifully and after getting her spayed and nursing her back to health after an infection, he asked me if I would want to take pictures of the both of them (he’s a big fan of Tom Brady of the Patriots – thus the matching shirts). I have always wanted to be a pet photographer – so I jumped at the chance to give it a try.  We spent an hour in a local park enjoying an unusually sunny Oregon afternoon.  His Golden is the sweetest girl. She is very “Zen” and it’s clear she is happy to be living with him and getting lots of love and attention. Isn’t she a sweetie??

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  1. Oh my heavens, Rebecca, these are so so so beautiful!!!! I’m smiling ear to ear!!! You’ve truly done a magnificent job … you’ve shown all the joy and love that we all feel with our pups!!! I think you’ve found a new career … pet photography!!!!!!! Well done!!!!!

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