It takes a village

FB - Carousel CollageThe minute I walked in the door I had a smile on my face and an hour and a half later when I walked out the door – I was still smiling.  Visiting the Historic Carousel and Museum in Albany, Oregon is a great way to spend an afternoon!  I won’t go into detail about the intricacies of the project because you can read all about it here.  But I will say it is AMAZING that so many talented artists come from all over the country to carve these carousel animals by hand…yes….by hand!!!  The detail and workmanship in incredible. There are designers and painters and carvers.  When completed the carousel will hold 52 animals…and that’s not counting the “spares” and the holiday creatures (think bunnies and Christmas Clydesdales).  I’ve grouped the images in collages basically because I took so many shots and I didn’t want to bore you with single images – so be sure to scroll all the way to the end.  I still can’t decide which one is my favorite…I think I’m leaning toward the bear with the butterfly on his nose.  Oh – in addition to the animals being carved for the new carousel, there is a museum on-site featuring antique carousel horses from the late 1800’s.  I’m smiling again as I post these – I hope they make you smile too.    Enjoy!!FB - Giraffe

FB - Closeups CollageFB - Details 2 CollageFB - Details Collage

FB - Dog Collage

FB - Elephant Collage

FB - More Animals Collage


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