A trip to Costco

Protea Center 1 Cropped FBWe needed paper towels and toilet paper, so a trip to Costco was on the schedule.  And since the weather was gray and rainy, I tagged along with my husband.  I don’t buy flowers at Costco but as we walked by their flower display, in amongst the typical food-colored daisies, mums, carnations and roses, was one bouquet of Proteas.  I have only photographed a Protea once and that was in Florida at a market in bright sun.  But I knew I had to do it again, so the Protea bouquet founds its way into the basket.    I couldn’t wait when I got home to take pictures of this elegant flower.  I set up in the den and even used my tripod. But it was so grey and rainy that I was missing the light.  So I grabbed a flashlight and viola….here is the result.  Enjoy!

Protea in Light 2 FB Protea in Light 1 FB Protea Center Full FB Protea Center Full Cropped FB Protea Center 1 Cropped FB Protea Center 1 FB


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