Just Perfect

Jans Card 2My friend in England is so talented.  I love getting her letters because she always includes something special in the envelope. She loves books, hearts and paper and is quite crafty (as in able to make lovely things by hand!).  I especially love getting presents from her and this Christmas the package alone could have been the present.  She makes her own envelopes and cards and she included an intricate origami ornament. Plus she made a gorgeous collage card.  And I saw all this before I even opened the package!Jans Gift Package

Jans Card 1

Who wouldn’t want to get a package this pretty! The gift inside is a beautiful handmade glass piece with a white wooden frame.  She found it in a local art shop in Exeter.  I was enthralled by the packaging, the ornament and the cards….I told her she could have just given me those as my present.  But, I have to admit, the glass piece is perfect!!!

Jans Gift


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