A spot of color

Candy - Store and candy triptych blogThose of you who read my blog frequently know that I “wander” around a lot on weekends (or “wonder”…depending on one’s perspective) – the countryside, the Japanese gardens, the Oregon Gardens, Aurora, Silverton – etc.  This last weekend was no exception.  It was dreary and spitting rain and I was looking for a spot of color.  I got in the car with no particular destination in mind sure that I wouldn’t find any color since all the leaves have finally fallen.  Then it came to me…the candy store downtown on State Street (yes…a couple doors west of The Arbor)!  So I popped in and sure enough…COLOR…..bright candies of all shapes and sizes in glass containers.  Candy - purple blogBut I got sidetracked by the cupcakes.  I should just wear a sign that says “will work for cupcakes”.  Candy - Sours Diptych blogAfter I took my pictures, I bought my husband an assortment of cherry, lemon and orange sours.  Oh…and I bought….a cupcake!!!  Delish!

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