Chocolate truffles and beer – who knew?

Truffle on cards blogHer name is Kaydee.  She’s an architect, but her passion is making truffles – and other confectionary treats.  I read about her in our local paper.  She is working on making her dream come true through Kickstarter….the website lots of entrepreneurs use to raise funds for their businesses and projects.Truffles in container 2 blog
I don’t know what possessed me since (1) I prefer potato chips over chocolate and, (2) I’m more of a “fine art” natural light photographer….but I offered to take some pictures of her truffles.  She was doing an event at a local beer establishment called Franklin’s Bottle Shop (a nice place for 30-somethings to gather, talk and Truffle on cake plate blogplay board games) so there I was with my tripod (which I hardly ever use) and my flash (which basically scares me!).  Kaydee’s truffles are wonderful!  She actually made several of them using the Stout that the bar was featuring.  She also made yummy pumpkin spice bars!   I wish Kaydee the best of luck with her business… “Draft Chocolates”  (draft as in “architectural draft”).  I hope I get to photograph her creations again.  And yes, those are my teeth marks in that truffle.  Well – I had to taste one right? (I needed a prop anyway)

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