Got a bit Koi-ed away

Koi 3 for FAAWhat a glorious day at the Portland Japanese Gardens.  The leaves haven’t yet reached their colorful peak but the Koi made up for their lack of color.  As usual, I got sidetracked at the Koi pond.  The staff recently added 10 Koi so there was quite a bit of activity in the pond.  It’s difficult to catch images of these fish.  Although they appear to move elegantly through the water, they are pretty fast. The golden fantail Koi fascinated me the most.  I admit I took way to many pictures of her. There were black Koi too and orange and yellow and red ones and one white one with a large red spot on its head.  A walk in the garden is always good for relieving stress.  Although on this beautiful sunny Sunday it seemed as though everyone was there…including one too many photographers….each of us trying to capture our own version of the garden’s beauty. As I wound my way over the paths past trickling streams and statuary, I camePainting in Garden upon a woman sitting quietly in a small hidden garden with a little sketching pad on her lap and a watercolor kit.  She captured the autumn colors perfectly.  I watched her for awhile as she quickly added color and shape to her vision.   I took a few pictures of the surrounding trees and continued my walked down the stone steps over more garden paths – and back to the Koi.  Sigh.

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