Dah Dah Dah-Dah Dah-Dah Dahhhhh…..

oktoberfest_6669So, if you were to hum the blog title, it would sound something like the intro to the “chicken dance” song…or maybe not!  That melody has been in my head since Saturday when we went to the Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel, Oregon.  The melody is about as annoying as “it’s a small world”…but at least I can associate good food and dancing children with it – oh and a memory from years ago of our friend Genoa doing the chicken dance with a random stranger! The tiny town of Mt. Angel burgeons with people, sausage, sauerkraut and lederhosen for three days each September.  The festivities include vendors with various high-end crafts, a car show, German music, beer garden and wine garden tents as well as wiener dog races.  The food is great oktoberfest_6657– my husband and I always start with a fabulous pita-half  filled with vegetables…that’s so we don’t feel so guilty after we have a sausage and a piece of apple cake with butter sauce.  Hey, it’s once a year!  Hmmmm…. then again, there is the sausage festival in Verboort the first weekend in November…OK…so twice a year.

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