Muck - ducks on log posterSaturday was dreary with a bit of misty rain so when the sun came out again on Sunday, I decided to get out of the house.  While reading the Sunday paper, I saw a short blurb Muck - duck posterabout a place called “Talking Water Gardens” in Albany Muck - frog poster(OR).  The park, designed by famed Oregon landscape artist Hoichi Kurisu as a natural water treatment facility purifying 12.6 million gallons per day of wastewater – before it’s released into the Willamette River – from Albany-Millersburg and metals manufacturer ATI Wah-Chang. It’s a pretty interesting place with waterfalls and pondsMuck - coot poster and lots of walking and jogging trails. The sky was clear blue and the sun was so bright though against the green “muck” in the ponds (which the herons, frogs and ducks didn’t seem to mind – the muck that is), that all my photos were just too too bright (this from someone who loves color!).  So, I decided to use a Photoshop action to “posterize” the images for a cool(er) effect.  Enjoy!

Muck - heron standing poster Muck - heron flying poster Muck - pond poster Muck - duck 2 poster


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