A Different Look

Bird - Ready for CloseupMy husband and I go to the Oregon State Fair every year.  We have a ritual, starting with a scone filled with raspberry jam and a small carton of 2% milk (a major treat).  Then we browse the commercial vendors, view the “biggest vegetables” displays, take in all the county exhibits, look at the chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, goats and horses and then stop at the Oregon Seed Council booth to run our hands through buckets of different types of grass seed.  You would be amazed at how really cool that Bird - Owl on Perch textureis.  Bill and I both have our favorite seeds…there is such a variety – some are soft as silk, others are prickly, some are Bird - falconround and some are long.  And last but not least, we stop at the petting zoo. This year on the way to pet the miniature pot belly pigs, deer, goats and llamas, we stopped to take in a bit of a show.  A bird show.  The birds were absolutely gorgeous (and I’m not a bird fan per se).  After the show we were allowed to get really close…within three feet of these magnificent (albeit tethered) creatures.  So instead of my typical fair shots (which I did take by the way), here is a different look at the Oregon State Fair.

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