Trailer for sale or rent…rooms to let 50 cents

Trailer  flamingosAh, yes, I just dated myself with this blog title!  But if you know this song by Roger Miller called “King of the Road” then you can relate to these images.  At last weekend’s car show in Salem, Oregon, the displays included vintage trailers.  There were trailers there from the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.  I was surprisedTailer pink curtains to find they brought a smile to my face despite memories of camping trips with my first husband in a 1970’s trailer.  The owners of these vintage trailers know as much as them as we know about our classic cars…they know the style, who built it, how many were built, etc.  And they have each decorated them in the style of the era. Amazingly enough they actually camp in them.  Although I could not imagine myself enjoying these small spaces (camping for me is a luxury hotel with a great restaurant), looking at all the different types of trailers sure brought a smile to my face and had me humming that darn song!  So enjoy the slideshow…and if you know “King of the Road”…hum along.

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