It’s nice to have clever friends

Heart Trio

One of my first posts was about my “pen pal” who lives in England. She is a wonderfully talented photographer and crafter.  She loves books and loves reading so it’s no surprise that she and her significant other own a company called Red Edge Images which licenses images for book covers.  She works with all the big publishers and is quite successful. (No…so far no luck in getting one of my images on a book cover…still working on it).
Odd - Camera and Stamps london backgroundWe’ve been writing letters to each other now for almost three years.  She always includes something in her letters that will challenge my photographic skills.  I’m not good at staged images or still lifes, but she pushes me with those little gifts (see slideshow below).  She loves hearts, so many of her envelopes contain paper or felt hearts of various sizes.  Sometimes the hearts have been punched out of book pages in foreign languages, sometime they are on paper that looks like it’s covered with vintage roses. Oh and did I mention she makes her own envelopes too.  This last letter included a handmade envelope from a dictionary page with multiple definitions of the word “post” as well as a handful of really beautiful English stamps. Isn’t she clever?

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  1. What a wonderful post, thank you!!! Love the slideshow with your very inventive photos. I mean, how many people would think to stick a paper heart onto a rain covered window and then take a great moody shot that is perfect for book covers? And, I’m working on the the cover thing 🙂

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