Oldies but Goodies

Mom and Dad 1My parents read my blog and I know my Mom won’t be happy that her picture is on it…but I think they look pretty darn good!  Dad is 84 and still plays a mean game of golf.  Mom…..well, Mom would be even more unhappy if I divulged her number!!!  She still does wonderful watercolor work in her spare time – when she isn’t keeping her house spotless!  My husband and I visited them in Reno last Mom 1week. 00 - Dad Puba It was very hot – in the high 90’s – so we shopped and took them to see “The Lone Ranger”.  It was a really fun movie despite what all the critics are saying about Johnny Depp.   Last year I took a picture of my Dad with his “grand puba” hat….actually, he’s Dad 1a Shriner’s and they needed a photo of him as a past potentate.  This year I took shots of Mom and Dad together and pictures of their cutie pie Shihzu “Sammy”.  Who knows what will inspire me next year!  (Sorry guys…couldn’t resist!!)

Sammy sideview


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