Sand, seagulls, sunsets and dogs -a perfect weekend

Beach - AnnabelleWent to Cannon Beach for the weekend.  Just happened to be during the Sandcastle Building Festival …something we had not seen before.  There were professional sandcastle building teams and local teams on the beach at low tide. It’s a really huge event attended by a couple thousand people and hundreds of dogs!  It was a perfect day too..a typical overcast morning at the beach which turned into a sunny, warm, blue sky day. There were so many photo opps…including Annabelle, the Frenchie enjoying summer at the beach with Mom, dogs of all shapes and sizes and children running free (scroll down for more images).

Beach - Castle Collage

I’ve never taken the iconic image of Haystack Rock at sunset and this weekend was no different.  So I settled for a shot of the setting sun from the balcony outside our room. Not bad.  But one of these days….  Sigh.

Odd - Last Glow 2

Beach - Guy on Beach with dogs

Beach - Kites

Beach - shovel castle Beach - Seaside Guitar Beach - Seagulls Beach - Seagull Caught in the Light Beach - Girl Running Beach - Girl 1 Beach - Dog collage


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